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3 old traditional structures make revolution database of calm medical treatment

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Informatization enclothes medical treatment to apply completely

Now nowadays, the our country computer application in medical treatment respect is already special and wide, each link that manage to the hospital deep, such as registration, prescription, delimit valence, take price of put in storage of medicine, medicines and chemical reagents, drug, collect fees, the patient is admitted to hospital, the diversiform data such as ward go on a tour of inspection already deposited the database in the server in. Normally we understand, commonly used database no more than is MYSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, InterBase a few kinds, but the application that is based on these databases to go up is unusually various however.

"Hospital information system says to go up is up to now the most complex kind in system of company level information. " a word that Qian Zhigang of director of center of information of hospital of Shanghai benevolence aid says, letting us know informatization of medical treatment industry applies is all-time. System of HIS(hospital information) , PACS(medicine is video system) , LIS(hospital examines systematic) , the hospital management information system that MIS(person property is a center) , the clinical information system that CIS(is a center with the patient) , the sanitation of bureau region medical treatment that GMIS(is a center with community service serves a system) , the application of the system such as EMR electron case of illness count deeply, these services covered all link of hospital application almost.

The arrival that spends a period without paper brought absolutely big advantage to the user already, the data that also makes a system medium makes the core in core. The security of data matters to whole system whether move normally, matter to this finally whether provide regular service. Doing good data to protect to the data of whole system so is crucial, it is to make sure it is the most important to offer what serve normally to the patient a line of defence.

Data of one cannot say for sure of 3 old traditional structures damages

According to investigation, logarithm of medical treatment industry is having pressing demand according to the real time sex of memory, this had higher demand with respect to the seasonable sex that backs up to server, database. But look from the circumstance of nowadays, the backup fashion with current hospital basically has 3 kinds, and look from inside be used actually, the applied effect of 3 kinds of means all cannot satisfactory:

It is time copy firstly, alleged and time copy points to namely all data are deposited on database server, time the database the copy arrives on the hard disk of a machine, if server database appears problem, go back the database copy of backup again, enclothe the database of the server. Although this method is simple, use easily, but inextricability however server is dead the problem that machine and operating system appear, still the real time data that generates inside copy time interval also cannot get repair.
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