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Assist with the hospital 7 course receive in glory course of national level key

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Recently, degree of the State Council does transmit a good news, choose in the course of national level key that just ends in, assist with the hospital 7 course are judged to be course of national level key, with one action is become the whole nation is added newly and own one of hospitals with most course of national level key. These 7 course are internal medicine of surgery of surgery of make water of cardiovascular internal medicine, blood disease division, secrete, anaesthetic division, general, department of gynaecology and obstetrics, breath respectively.

Course of national level key represented the top level of domestic congener course not only, and the surveyor's pole that also is evaluation hospital comprehensive strength.

Assist with hospital dean kingdom Professor Bin says, henceforth, the hospital will throw 20 million yuan every year, use at education of key course talent, scientific research and equipment to purchase, drive thereby assist level of mixed medical treatment technology conforms with international further. Among them, right by assist with leading national emphasis course, throw every year 200 - 3 million; The course of national level key that declares to cooperating, throw every year 1.5 million; To provincial key course, throw every year 500 thousand. The hospital gives add up to 420 thousand yuan award to 7 course such as heart internal medicine at the same time.

Regard home as one of important medical research centers, assist always take medical research and course construction seriously with the hospital, at present this courtyard already obtained national science and technology to progress second-class award 3, core periodical publishs a paper to reside domestic hospital the 4th, SCI collects a paper to be on domestic hospital the 9th, average and annual the new business new technology that develop more than 100, it is for the most part provincial initiate or reach domestic banner level, the brand course that formed a batch to be on front row to enjoy high reputation in the world at the same time in home group.

Cardiovascular internal medicine is in report of cardiology of cardiovascular ill immunology, element, heart is physiological wait for a respect to occupy home banner level, disease of its dilate cardiac muscle treats the diagnostic cure with sexual ill hypertension inchoate interpose research, hard to there is extensive effect in home. Cure of leukaemia of haemal internal medicine studies home is top-ranking, in hematopoiesis dry cell transplanting, thrombus and the domain such as hemostatic, blood immunity, leukaemia obtained the positive result of plentiful and substantial. Surgery of secrete make water is alive of bound initiate " the nerve outside body replaces function of bladder of patient of central nervous paraplegia to rebuild art " have value of great and clinical application.

By the country chief scientist of 973 plans project is like the professor that pass a nation to chair " clinical application studies the basic research that reflexes arc and much subject " , at present to settling our country difficult problem of out of control of relieve oneself of patient of 2 million paraplegia has great sense. Anaesthetic division is medium south the anesthesiology new technology with only area grooms center, nerve stimulates sluggish of block of the nerve below appearance guiding and childbirth analgesia to be in lead position in home. In recent years, assist with the hospital much discipline expert began lungs of heart transplanting, heart successfully to combine baby of body of transplanting, couplet together detached, break point to again the high-grade operation such as establish, showed adequately assist with hospital advantage course group integral level.
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