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Mound midnight of in short supply hospital swarms resource of medical treatment

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The newspaper March 31 is approved showed hospital of Guangdong Zhao Qingxi river to use the despicable gimmick that forges anamnesis and doctor's advice sheet directly to cover take national medical service to guarantee fund belong to the same organization, make a person shocking.

After reading, this reports, the author has experienced at 2 o'clock: It is this always has a few to make what the person respects socially " betrayer " ; 2 it is a few hospitals are covered protected a phenomenon to already was become " open secret " , but should administering this kind of unhealthy tendency is one catastrophe problem however, make a person sob really, quite much but.

Say first the a bitth. Media can be opened river hospital is covered on the west defend inside story, the reason is to cover protected hospital interior to appear " betrayer " , they " dissatisfaction is covered protect go regular, consider leave and retreat " , because this station comes out,talked. This results from on one hand the morality of heart of the person that these informing against and conscience did not die out thoroughly; Also result from a few media nowadays on the other hand " iron shoulder carries morality and justice, justice writes an article " , it is those thereby " betrayer " undertake informing against debuttinged " green passageway " . Treat such " betrayer " , ought not to be we held in order to respect?

But the author thinks suddenly again: Inform against a hospital to cover those who protect is malfeasant, people should arrive those having to superintend more duty function branch goes, why can you look for media unluckily? This is not to say they ought not to look for media, say concerned function branch just is to solve a problem however " correct path " . Reality is informed against out of order in this kind before, concern function section ought not to well thoughtful? A few to ask more why?

Besides at 2 o'clock. Should say a few hospitals set defend action, media from time to tome exposure. Be like 2006 of hospital of contagion of city of port of mussel of the Anhui province set protect; Guiyang city inscription depended on building hospital 2007 set protect; Zhongshan university is accessary 2007 the 2nd hospital (2 courtyards) , Zhongshan university is accessary the courtyard austral the 2nd hospital (south courtyard) set protect behavior to wait a moment.

Regretful is, "You expose to the sun your light, the officer that I become me " , cure protects a brand to be picked hard, official black gauze is taken hard, then, cover the wind that protect to grow in intensity, act gradually " go regular " . Why such? All protect the flaw of superintendency system because of current medical service: Those who be in charge of superintending cure to keep fund is management department of social insurance fund, and those who be in charge of this superintending hospital human affairs is branch of director of wholesome medical treatment; In other words, former authority picks a card to have no right to pick a cap however, latter has authority to pick a cap to pick a brand without giving thought to however. Resemble then " nine mother-in-law does not provide one desk meal " same, of the hospital set protect behavior to be in this " double deck is superintended " in crack be able to " safe and sound " , make a few hospitals fearless thereby, unbridled.
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