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(Net of equipment of Chinese medical treatment coverage) a psychology of American of nearly 20 years considers to discover, the nag is not evildoing, going up somehow, can help a female increase memory and prolong life.

Researcher points out, compare with male photograph, because they communicate gladlier with the person,nag of female sexual love is, more well-adjusted also old age lives, and utterance increases memory just about, release the element with psychological indispensable pressure.

No more than of female nagging content tells others joy namely, your joy is met double; Tell others sadness, your sadness is met halve. Happy mood resembles gas station, say to be able to give body infuse energy more more; Sad mood resembles rubbish, as soon as possible is excreted go out, can release more spaces to cerebrum, so that remember. Research points out " love nag explains they are right the sensitivity of the life is tall, the chance that changes mind is much also. The chance that changes mind is much also..

Additional, the nag still can make a person little fall ill. Consider to point out: Not fuddy-duddy often buries a lot of not satisfactory things in the heart, inevitable meeting feels to feed do not know ingredient, sleep uneasiness is firm, make easily neurological with splanchnic function maladjusted, let a disease " get a change to step in " , if send sexual hypertension, head formerly anxiety of shape of arteriosclerosis, coronal, malignant tumor. So, do not want to chatter because of the old person and bore, contrary, encourage conversation of not talktive old person mouth more even. In fact, loving a nag also is preserve one's health one big " a magic weapon " .

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