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Net of equipment of Chinese medical treatment: Everyday green tea orange can fig

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Drink green tea to eat orange
Net of equipment of Chinese medical treatment reports: British scientist considers to discover, drink two cups of green tea and the person that have an orange to be able to help commonly used computer to resist everyday computer radiate.
Enter the office in great quantities as computer, people must take computer seriously to be mixed to the contaminative problem of office environment the influence of health of pair of the person that use. Electromagnetism radiate is considered as the contaminative source with the largest computer. As we have learned, the chip in every computer with different frequency oscillation, when memory bar works, also have respective and inherent oscillatory frequency. The electromagnetism of these different frequency is oscillatory, the edge travels outwards point-blank, formed computer radiate.
Computer radiate can prevent a kind of enzymatic synthesis in human body, this kind of enzymatic meeting destroys the agency material that information passes between cerebral cell.
The person of commonly used computer wants radiate of electromagnetism of bring into contact with besides inevitable ground outside, of computer fluorescent screen blink cross-eye eyeball often to also have more powerful stimulative effect, let a person appear weep, eyesight drops, dazed head goes up wait for unwell symptom, the scientist expresses.
Modern medicine considers to confirm, rich nutrient material and pharmacodynamics function are contained in tea, like tea polysaccharide of element of alkaline, catechu, amino acid, fat, mineral reach a vitamin to wait.

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