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Health picks up the telephone 6 kinds the calamity that means suffers radiation

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Net of equipment of Chinese medical treatment

6 kinds pick up the telephone means suffers radiation the most easily (net of equipment of Chinese medical treatment)

" of word of illicit cipher telegram hides to the corner to say stealthily "

To involving the telephone call of illicit close content, the corner that many people like to hide to the building is received listen. And usually, the signal of building corner is enclothed poorer, because this is met,make on certain level the radiation power of the mobile phone increases. Be based on same argument, body part elevator small and when the environment that close, also Ying Shen makes a mobile telephone.

   Handle machine is hanged on the neck or between the waist

According to expert introduction, the radiation limits of the mobile phone is a cricoid belt that is a center with the mobile phone, the distance between mobile phone and human body decided the rate that radiation is drawn by human body. Accordingly, person and the beautiful " that the mobile phone needs to maintain " to be apart from.

Medical expert points out, heart function before the person of not complete, arrhythmia cannot hang the mobile phone in the bosom especially. If the mobile phone often is hanged beside the waist of human body or abdomen, may affect birth function. The method of relatively healthy safety, it is handle machine is put in the bag that carries, what be put in the bag as far as possible is outer, in order to ensure good signal is enclothed.

   Machine of the handle when the phone did not put through is clingy and auditive

When the mobile phone dials a telephone and putting through, radiation can increase apparently, should let a mobile phone be far from the head right now, interval communicates again after about 5 seconds.

   Mobile phone signal is weaker, ear is stuck nearlier

When slacken of mobile phone signal, a lot of people are met instinctively the mobile phone as far as possible press close to is auditive. But the working principle according to the mobile phone, in signal weaker condition falls, hand opportunity enhances the emissive power of electromagnetic wave automatically, make radiation strength apparent increase. Right now auditive press close to, the radiate that the head gets increases with respect to meeting twice.

   "Congee of mobile phone of " of Bao of an ear " "

Consider to make clear, long successive radiate may make cerebral ministry is affected. Expert proposal, time of the unfavorable pilot that use a hand communicates, can consider to convert fixed phone perhaps uses earphone, if must use a mobile phone for long to communicate directly, also answer ear of left and right sides of 9 minutes of rotate receives every other listen.
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