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Hungarian prime minister makes conduct propaganda for enterprise of Hungarian me

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A few days ago, hungarian prime minister is long during the Buddhist nun is visitting China, Er just expresses, hungarian technology of had advanced medical treatment, medical treatment equipment produces the Hungarian firm of enterprise and distribute enterprise, the medical treatment sanitation that is willing to participate in China very much develops to be built with the hospital, the hope participates in reform of system of Chinese medical treatment.

As we have learned, hungarian have manufacturer of equipment of Home 80~100 medical treatment about, it is the small business that builds in recent years partly among them, they basically rely on concentrated capital and ability of research and development to invent new product. If owner of production travel of equipment of Hungarian medical treatment is a target in order to make the advanced product of demand of contented international market, its home main company all is the large exporter that holds an ability of high research and development concurrently,

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