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Flower the hospital uses manipulator arm to use heart surgery first (graph)

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According to England " daily Post " 26 days of reports, beautiful hospital whole world tries Ma of British London emperor first use manipulator arm to vibrate in atrium fiber remedial domain applies operation. Current, already 20 patients accepted this kind of operation.

Surgery of manipulator arm applying heart

Manipulator can enter the area that other method uses to be entered hard inside the heart

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Operation cure room quivers freeboard requirement operates difficulty very careful

According to the report, england has 50 thousand person every year to suffer from atrium fiber to vibrate about, but because operation risk is big, the operation asks extremely essence of life is accurate, the patient that is less than 10 % only can accept an operation in time to treat.

It is clinical that atrium fiber vibrates go up rhythm of the heart is wrong a kind of the commonnest disease. The signal that when right atrium excitement of cardiac muscle of hair be sent on a diplomatic mission contracts is unusual inside the heart when conducting, this one signal can be folded repeatedly return, make atrium muscle fast and do not have foreword ground beating, lose harmonious sex and associated sex with ventricular beating. This is atrium fiber vibrates, abbreviation room quivers. The patient that has a room to quiver can appear the body the symptom such as frail, heart-throb and breathing difficulty, this kind of disease still can be caused apoplectic wait for complication with heart failure.

The remedial method that the room quivers includes to medication treat two kinds with the operation. Current, the operation is the effective treatment method with medical accepted bound. But operation of doctor of requirement of this skill art is very elaborate, have a bit can bring about heart wall perforation carelessly. Accordingly, the doctor amount that can operate this operation at present is very little, bring about large quantities of patients to cannot accept treatment in time.

When the operation, the doctor operates through work station manipulator

When the operation, the doctor operates through work station manipulator

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Manipulator arm " Sensei " but accurate control and groovy method place not as good as place
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