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Norwegian development " dead time detector " detect accurate

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Reported on July 28 according to Norwegian media, development of Mu of accept of Luo Ge of professor of medical jurisprudence of Norwegian Oslo university goes a kind of instrument that the name is " of detector of " death time, it can help legal medical expert detect well and truly dead time of the dead.

According to the report, legal medical expert reachs the time that its configuration characteristic will come to figure the dead dies according to the temperature of the body normally, and new instrument is through detecting some kind of material in the liquid inside body eye makes judgement.

According to Introduction Luogenamu, compare with the methodological posture that adopts normally, the error that the instrument that he develops detects to time of the dead's death is greatly contractible. If someone dies before in 4 hours, use what normally the method detects to losing an error to be 1.5 hours about, and new instrument can make losing an error to narrow.

Luogenamu still says, new method can measure an its death time in 4 days of less than after someone is dead, this detects effectively time Duan Yuanyuan exceeds a tradition to detect of the law detect effectively time paragraph.

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