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Beautiful institute research and development but life of the person that embedde

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The United States overcomes Laimusen newest research shows university C3B institute, get hurt on battlefield when the soldier when, chip of embedded inside their body biology, can in time report its are healthy so state, raise the successful rate of relieve a sick or injured person greatly thereby. As a result of research and development this but embedded biology chip, this institute wins the award of 1.6 million dollar that American department of defense offers.

Chip of this kind of biology has volume of grain of rice only, inside embedded body later, no matter party is,get hurt on battlefield, still produce an accident on the freeway, once appear massive haemorrhage circumstance, it can be measured in time and transmit the level of lactic acid, dextrose. C3B institute is in charge of, engineering of biology of company of chemistry of contented family name teachs Anthony - dust in express, inside body of the person that the member that reach the first aid of the spot hurts biology chip infuse, can obtain relevant data immediately. This kind of chip also can be used for a long time, it is for instance in long aerospace ride, use the important and healthy index of the spacefarer that monitor; Monitor the blood sugar level of diabetic person for a long time perhaps.

Dust in the professor says: "We had lost too much bloodshed the wounded, whether the important life target that achieves the wounded in time, the decision emergency treatment cure protects personnel whether take step of relieve a sick or injured person correctly -- this often is born namely with dead boundary, our target is, improve the quality of relieve a sick or injured person to the wounded and efficiency. Improve the quality of relieve a sick or injured person to the wounded and efficiency..

Chip of this kind of biology is OK also and additionally embedded inside body, prevent the scar that future may get.

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