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Beauty body is embedded chip art provokes controversy or can form monitoring soc

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Proponent: Conduce to medical treatment and safety defending anti: May form monitoring society

The United States " the person that the city hospitals nurse " network company is a company that supplies surveillant equipment external. The company does not became famous originally, but two staff of company will contain last year the capsule of miniature chip is embedded inside body hind, cause people again the controversy of embedded to chip art.

The person that supports this technology thinks, the electronic anamnesis that it conduces to help danger weighing patient general to be able to be updated stocks body inside, also can be used at sensitive place defend. But anti thinks, this resembles be being hit to the person " the brand of draught animals " , can not become whole state even " monitoring society " .

"Human body chip "

"Can promote safety to defend "

Occupy associated press 22 days to report, this kind but official name is the chip of embedded human body " label of radio frequency identifying " , mix of chip inside aerial, still have the unit that can send message. It has two rice bead to grow, ply and toothpick similar. "The person that the city hospitals nurse " the company says, the discrepancy that it can be used as a few confidential places gets stuck.

This one technology already had a few years of phylogeny. 30 years ago, was installed on ear of a few domestic animals label of the first batch of electron identifying, use at monitoring their eat habit and breed to wait. Go up century 90 time, cattle, fish, pet by mount several with 1 million plan electronic label. Nowadays, of a few cars before on windshield also mount this kind of device, drivers are collecting fees with it the station undertakes " pay fee without contact " .

"The person that the city hospitals nurse " two staff of company planted this last year chip is embedded in arm. Embedded procedure is very simple, after human body accepts local anaesthesia, usable hypodermic implement turn chip arm inside.

Company presiding apparitor is like En Dake to say: "To protect the safe data with sensitive height, you need more sophisticated technology. " he waits for this kind of technology and retinal scanning, dactylogram scanning identity identifying technology to place on a par. "Have outside the door identify implement, you go there to raise arm, next the door opened, " he says.

The proponent of this kind of technology says, the security that can promote nuclear power plant with human body chip defends, the help finds the patient that contracts Aercihaimo disease to wait. It still can let a client shake even shake arm can pay shopping money, what leave out queues up is vexed.

"Domestic animals label "

"May overrun "

This kind of technology also is faced with many opposition sound. A few opponent say, this one technology may be used at monitoring. It may be the patient that is used at having need first, use at the soldiers and police, but may overrun finally, make whole society is in be issued by monitoring condition. A few conservative Christian follower of a religion complain say, human body chip resembles is the prophecy in religious book in that way, the mankind is in " evil times " can be forced to be hanged " the label of domestic animals " .
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