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Of medical establishment of oral cavity of Kazakstan Si Tan commercialize change

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Before Russia period, oral cavity medical establishment already continued as a of medical treatment domain appurtenant branch tens of year long. It arrives from specialized subject of oral cavity outpatient service, oral cavity institute of oral cavity medicine, in the system that is in branch of medical treatment sanitation all the time and the independent system that does not have oneself, the dweller is in medical treatment the branch accepts service of oral cavity medical treatment.

Actually, service of oral cavity medical treatment is not is to show remedial tooth is ill, be being treated in some respects and tooth disease even is one and the same far from. For example, using put in a false tooth of material of precious metal alloy, fill a tooth is the industry of a branch of oral cavity hairdressing. Nevertheless, tooth ill patient still must not be less than medical treatment branch to see a doctor, because the medical treatment system at that time makes,people cannot choose doctor, make a diagnosis and give treatment independently method and means paying fee. But, what people needs today is to specialization serve with the oral cavity medical treatment of high quality, learn and apply technology of the most advanced oral cavity rehabilitate and tooth disease to treat a method to already made way of a of medicine of oral cavity of Kazakstan Si Tan fundamental development.

Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, kazakstan Si Tan implemented politics, economy, include field of medical treatment system change, system of original oral cavity medical treatment cannot get used to the requirement of reform, already also did not follow to go up the pace of the times. 1993, the oral cavity medical establishment of Kazakstan Si Tan is in take the lead in trying to implement reform by market mechanism in couplet body and industry of native medical treatment alone. Published the first batch of documents that medical establishment of stimulative oral cavity commercializes at that time, promulgated corresponding government to make again before long.

Make according to the government, branches of all oral cavity medical treatment change Kazakstan Si Tan stage by stage make for privately owned orgnaization. March toward as oral cavity medical establishment commercialize orbit, outpatient service of privately owned oral cavity (hospital) appear like emerge, be in in succession the ground floor of dweller building or the other place that rent opens business do business. People still can remember с of и of Д а р now - the first batch of person carry out that the medical treatment of oral cavity of sex of provider course of study such as company of Т Т Е and Dent-Lux company serves.

Dent-Lux company is orgnaization of Kazakstan Si Tan's biggest service of oral cavity medical treatment at present, share Dent-Lux hospital and hospital of Ambassador honoured guest to wait for hospital of antrum of 12 members of a family, distributing in Alamutu, Ural Si Ke, Wu Siji blocks remote Nuo Ge Ersi gram, , 2006 autumn opened hospital of dentistry of honoured guest class in Asidana again. The technical equipment of this company, in-house establishment and computer management system all be in domestic banner level.
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