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Singapore census AIDS virus (HIV)

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On August 4, singapore Ministry of Public Health announces, prepare an AIDS virus (the routine before HIV) examination regards a patient as be in hospital inspects an item, in order to increase strength of AIDS prophylaxis and treatment, ensure the safety of the medical worker.

Singapore Ministry of Public Health grows Xu Wenyuan to express, at present Singapore already began check of AIDS virus general in the light of pregnant woman, the result is favorable, even more the accurate mother of 99% agrees to accept this inspection.

It is reported, once new regulation is carried out, if the patient rejects to accept AIDS virus inspection, singapore hospital may have authority general its close the door on.

Current, if Singapore hospital did not obtain a patient to allow, cannot undertake to the patient AIDS virus is checked, have a lot of patients additionally faceless accept AIDS virus to check.

Investigation shows, in Singapore public hospital, in every 350 inpatient, have the person that an AIDS virus is carried. This investigation used many 3000 inpatient faceless offerred hematic kind.

Report data of statistic of cite Singapore government says, include children inside, the person that Singapore shares 2852 AIDS virus to carry now and 1547 AIDS patient.

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