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Brazilian development goes man-made anus to leave close implement

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Brazil Balana Catholic old course learns the city domestic heart is protected pull development to give a kind " colon creates an opening (man-made is anal) close implement " , hopeful helps the patient that installed man-made anus reduce anguish. Current, heart last rounds when the award of innovation of science and technology that defends the invention that pull to had been seleted group of French Ou Teren to establish evaluates, heart protect pull organic meeting to win money award of 1 million euro. End product of decide on awards through discussion will be announced on October 1. Heart Baolaxi looks at him can bear the palm, use bonus to improve an instrument and put the market on its.

"Colon builds a mouth to leave close implement " make by ethylene material, of miniature motor, can copy the function of constrictor, the person that use can control man-made anus to leave close, achieve free defecate. The instrument weighs 194 grams, inside OK and embedded human body, and the instrument is inside human body intensity of pressure is 33 millimeter mercuric column only, won't affect normal activity of the patient. Its function makes the patient can close anally from main control man-made namely, absolve adorn the trouble of bag of lay aside dung.

As we have learned, in accepting rectum to excise the patient of the operation, one part person needs to excise anus canal, anus, defecate can pass the man-made anus that installs in celiac wall to finish only. Because man-made anus does not have automatic contractive function, these patients always must adorn in abdomen bag of lay aside dung in order to admit fecal, the life is very disadvantageous. Heart protect pull from on the century begins to develop at the beginning of 90 time " colon builds a mouth to leave close implement " and undertake modification ceaselessly. He plans to improve this one instrument further, its weight reduces 100 grams, the intensity of pressure inside human body falls 12 millimeter mercuric column.

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