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American medical treatment serves a system: ill who is in charge of

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· of Michael of American left-wing example rub Er rolled out a new newsreel again recently " Sicko " , of critically United States commercialize medical treatment to serve system, praise system of medical treatment at public expenses of Europe type the whole people. Allegedly this are shown in completely beautiful each district when, won a lot of audiences to stand up applause.

American has reason to like this movie. According to statistic, the United States has 46 million person at present (about 15% population) safe without medical treatment. A lot of have the person with safe medical treatment, always also be in with insurance company " battle of wits fights brave " , because insurance company always is searching excuse,do not pay the patient's medical treatment fee. " Sicko " pass party in a tearful voice just about pour out, the miserable experience in the interest network that will behave a patient to be braided in insurance company, politician, hospital.

To behave the whole people free iatrical advantage, rub Er runs to Europe and Canada. Masses of the Europe that is interviewed, Canada special cooperate, express in succession: We see a doctor not to make money, take medicine not to make money... oh Ye! Be in England, the poor goes to a hospital travelling expenses can submit an expense account; And Frenchwoman just gave birth to the child, the government sends a person to go to her home washing clothes even cook!

More those who make American depressed is, although the United States did not execute medical treatment at public expenses of the whole people, its medical treatment expenditure occupies governmental spending scale to want than most developed country however big (the United States 18.5% , canada 16.7% , french 14.2%) , life of average per capita also wants than other developed country short (the United States 77, england 79, canadian 80) . Anyhow serves a field in medical treatment, the United States spent more money, did fewer thing however.

Does the problem go where be?

Actually, system of medical treatment service is not commercialized completely. The government is the person buy sheet with medical treatment the greatest service, the medical treatment insurance that subsidizes poor and old person and project of medical treatment allowance covered the population of 27% , hold expenditure of American total medical treatment 44% the left and right sides (insurance company pays 36% the left and right sides, the individual pays 15% or so) . But, from population scale character, the medical treatment insurance of American major population is commercialized.

Generally speaking, it is individual and its employer (average employer pays big head) buy cure to protect from insurance company, fell ill to pay medical treatment fee by insurance company. That is to say, be in Europe, those who be placed between patient and hospital is a government, and be in the United States, those who be placed between patient and hospital, it is insurance company. It is this differred the problem is in: On one hand, insurance company seeks cost of drive up medical treatment for profit; On the other hand, although insurance company pays cost to enclothe a face to haggle over every ounce to its mostly, but range is covered in fixed medical treatment inside, bring about people easily again " excessive go to a doctor " , charge of medical treatment of farther drive up.
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