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American development gives treatment depressed disease is new medical apparatus

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Depressed disease is a kind of common disease, perplex the patient's life and job badly, bring heavy burden to family and society, the depressed disease patient of about 15 % dies at committing suicide. The pecuniary loss that the United States causes every year because of depressed disease reachs 43.7 billion dollar.

Recently, american FDA approves the can be used at treating depressed disease new-style medical apparatus and instruments that develops by Cyberonic company formally to appear on the market. According to introducing, this product basically applies to those classics convention to fight depressed what after medicationing, disable is serious and depressed.

The rich since the bulk of the medical apparatus and instruments of this kind of medicable depressed disease and heart of city carry out implement similar volume. Its job principle is, it can issue the electric pulse signal of specific wavelengh to cerebrum, make vagus function return to normal, make the symptom of serious and depressed patient gets ameliorative thereby. Depressed disease patient needs in the doctor use convention fights depressed medicaments to treat the case that did not see the effect 4 times to fall continuously, ability uses this weapon, and best this appliance and fight depressed medication use at the same time, so that control disease symptom in time.

Cyberonic company controller says, the treats depressed disease appliance market retail price that is about to roll out is controlled in every 15 thousand dollar. Because the whole world has about,go up ten million person contracts depressed disease, this company controller forecasts reason hopefully: To this century end, the world market total sales of appearance of cure of this kind of new-style and depressed disease comes every year to will amount to 1.2 billion dollar less.

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