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Beautiful invention " law of fast grand bosom " after art can activity

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American plastics doctor invents a kind " law of fast grand bosom " , operation process needs to make an appointment with 30 minutes only, the female accepts operation hind to be able to go out that day activity.

England " Sunday peaceful interview person newspaper " 23 days of reports, come from the United States to get Kesasi the plastic doctor John Tebeici of the city will be in the England that this week holds meeting of year of association of doctor of aesthetic plastic surgery introduces this novice technique.

Tebeici says: "We tell to accept the female of the operation, after coming home, sleep two hours to become aware, build is washed after getting up in order to help extend chest muscle, can go out to have a meal next. 80% to the 85% person that accept an operation evening can go out that day. " he thinks, the female mights as well the idea that the change thinks to a paragraph of rehabilitation period needs after art.

Tebeici introduces, before art of this operation requirement accurate measure bosom skin and organization, in order to ensure body of accurate and embedded holiday. Because operation course is shorter, need injection only a few anaesthetic. The operation uses accurate cut device, avoid to bleed, can reduce pair of skins and the scar that bosom organizes considerably.

Tebeici assures to the patient, operation need not tracheal, art hind does not have apparent bruise, also do not need to wear tailor-made underwear. Art hind can drive that day, can resume all normal activities the following day.

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