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After 4 patients organ transplants, the United States affects AIDS poison

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Organic transplanting operation brought a hope to rescue danger to weigh the patient's life. But 4 patients of the United States go up unfortunately however because of this infection AIDS virus. Be in the United States, this is close will 13 years appear first the incident of because of organic transplanting catch a disease.

Reported a few days ago according to American media, 4 patients that American Chicago accepts an organ to transplant in 3 hospitals were affected two weeks by fish recently AIDS virus.

These 4 patients had accepted the organ that same dead offers through the operation this year in January.

Mickey Milisi says the chief of group of project of transplanting of organ of center of Chicago university medicine, they are this month 1 day those who be informed this circumstance. In be informed after organic transplanting patient contracts AIDS virus, he arranges 2 patients that accept organic transplanting at the same time in center of Chicago university medicine to accept an inspection, the result shows, these two patients also are detected to go out contracted AIDS virus.

Mi Lisi says: "The unexpected news of this arise suddenly is quite terrible really, will tell to the victim is tremendous sad news of the death, change do ourselves same also. Change do ourselves same also..

To protect privacy, the doctor of know the inside story did not disclose the individual case of the person that it is this 4 individual transplanting organs. The doctor just says, inchoate to this subscriber the examination of the concerned AIDS that have, hepatitis and other disease is electronegative as a result. Because this doctor is judged, only possibility is the dead went up in infection of left and right sides of before dying 3 weeks AIDS.

Because,be subscriber before one's death check-up result shows the dead did not contract AIDS, hepatitis or other disease, after he dies, the doctor of center of medicine of the northwest souvenir hospital, university that pull assorted and center of Chicago university medicine heads for the dead to be in a hospital in succession, took the organ of its alms, what be respective hospital is gross 4 patients became organic transplanting operation. But what the courtyard just did not divulge they transplant is what organ.

One the name is " the organ shares associated network " the Newmann of · of spokesman tall Er that alms organizes says, to assure the security of organic transplanting operation, the United States made relevant policy from 1994, endeavor to fall the risk of this kind of operation lowest, and there is unusually firm demand on each program, each link to this kind of operation. From 1994 up to now, the United States had 40 much people to accept an organ to transplant, but because the organ transplants,say without a report and contract a disease.

Nevertheless, newmann points out at the same time, although having firm demand to this kind of operation, but also meaning it is 100 percent safe, "Accomplish hard below current medical level and condition at least " . Newmann appeals, this one event that the hope produced a few days ago is the cure of domain of transplanting of apparatus of American medicine group to protect personnel to ring noisy alarm bell, strive for try to perfect on each program, each detail further, avoid similar case to weigh recrudesce to be born.
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