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Investigation shows plastic surgery of favour of Latin America person

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Study the newest findings report that the company issues according to TNS Gallup whole world, person of major Latin America is satisfactory to expressing his long, but the woman that still has 35 % and the plastic surgery of male hope have the aid of of 9 % , make oneself appearance more perfect.

Argentine media reports 12 days, this investigation chose Latin America each country randomly 3000 adult of 18 years old of above. Findings shows, plastic surgery has below every 5 cases that in sufferring the person that visit, express to hope to allow in economic condition with respect to person having 1 , and the age is lighter, jump over favour plastic surgery. 25 years old those who come 34 years old in sufferring the person that visit, hope plastics person amount to 32 % ; In the old people of 65 years old of above, the person of hope plastics occupies 11 % only, scale lowest.

In the person that be in all sufferring to visit, the person of 60 % chooses local plastics, among them, the person of 39 % hopes to take fat model look, the female of 43 % and the male hope of 23 % receive celiac fine small of the back through taking fat operation. The person that thinks ministry of grand bosom knead dough pulls a skin occupies 21 % each, think the person that does grand nose operation occupies 16 % .

Learn the newest rank that announce according to international hairdressing plastic surgery, in 10 countries with global most plastic surgery, having 3 is Latin America country, ordinal for Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Although Argentina ever sufferred economic crisis, but begin from 1999, there is 1 person on average to had done plastic surgery in every 30 Argentine.

Suffer the effect of devaluation, price of Argentine plastic surgery is low, attracted neighbour even large quantities of Euramerican personages arrive Argentine " plastic travels " .

But, blind pursuit " man-made is beautiful " the negative consequence that cause nots allow to despise. Organize statistic according to Pan American sanitation, in Argentina and Uruguay, because of insalubrious hairdressing idea meet with suffers from the adolescent of at least 10 % all sorts of diseases; Be in Peruvian, the surgical plastics clinic of 80 % was not registered; In Dominica, 2 % the person that accept plastic dies because of the complication after art.

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