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American FDA considers to develop medical treatment instrument to track a system

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The careless edition manual of the system that American food and equipment of instrument of medical management board and radiative and wholesome management center represent to hope 2008 the bottom issues to be about to use inside countrywide limits. This one system is used to equipment of appraisal individual medical treatment and supply, also make fixed position and recall above project become much more convenient.

Preparing recommendation while, as to this technology of other to the hospital equipment transmit the influence that reachs pair of equipment oneself, american food and medicaments management board are considering to identify industry and the terminal user part that identify a system in radio frequency of the experiment on market of food health care to introduce input device from radio frequency at present. The emission that this is CDRH the RFID Journal LIVE that department manager Ann Ferriter holds in Las Vegas last week! Of the person that tell to attend a meeting on 2008 conferences.

About two years ago, american food and medicaments management board begin to investigate an unique equipment to differentiate the automation that how can the system promote information to collect. The content that information collects includes: Number of manufacturing business, tectonic, model, special attribute, serial, differentiate output, production number and product period of efficacy even (see management board of American food medicaments is system of attestation of medical equipment and supply installation identity) . In August 2006, the person that American food and medicaments management board gave out an announcement to use people ask for to opinion of the following quadrinomial: The use opinion to UDI system, necessity that installs system of UDI of standard of a complete set of, process that boosting this one system is at present medium management board of American food medicine should have what kind of action and predicted defray and profit.

The opinion of 3 months collects by a definite date when the end, management board of American food medicine hopes to normative book drafts first and announced its 2007 at numerous in order to seek reply and comment, but its fail to achieve this one goal finally. United States Congress is applied to food medicaments management board again before 7 months pressure, ask its build this one system, but did not appoint deadline (see management board of American food medicaments is medical apparatus and instruments and supply to build system of identity test and verify)

Last week, ferriter tells RFID Journal LIVE! the person that attend the meeting, CDRH is considering to decide on appliance of hospital etc hygiene use radio frequency identifies the case that the technology can produce radio frequency to disturb or brings minatory health at present. She says, CDHR hopes to examine to use the potential menace of technology of radio frequency identifying on medical treatment instrument further.
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