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The hospital needs service of what kind of maintenance

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A family can drink milk everyday, but this does not mean every family to want to raise a milk cow. The definition that academic group includes external is: "Below the circumstance with enterprise interior limited natural resources, to acquire larger competitive dominant position, withhold its to provide the core resource of competitive advantage most only, a specializationing of have the aid of of other natural resources at exterior and best show resource gives integrated, achieve reduce cost, increase performance, promotion company core competition ability and enhance an enterprise to be opposite the pattern of a kind of management of ability of environmental meet an emergency " .

Stem from cost consideration, these year of hospital general the bag outside be not clinical professional work to undertake stage by stage, maintain clean, disinfection and informatization system for instance. Maintain this one as to medical treatment equipment, the actual strength of technology of project of medicine of individual large hospital is OK still, can be competent the daily maintenance of medical treatment equipment, so not strong to the dependence of the manufacturer. But more sound express, in recent years the hospital relies on oneself technology force to maintain the practice of medical treatment equipment to had presented atrophic trend, the hospital is larger, the technical pressure of medical engineering personnel is greater, the reason has been mentioned in preamble. Large hospital is such, as to the hospital of small hospital and remote region, the maintenance cost of equipment manufacturer is higher, react speed is decelerated, create loss of life of equipment of high-end medical treatment.

Now, the hospital buys equipment to flow to guarantee soon also buy along with all the others, this kind looks very fashionable act backside, have too much a painful topic essentially. The hospital maintains facility the bag outside the service to give what kind of company, actually the state of mind of the hospital is contradictory, the risk of the bag outside because this is involved,arriving manages. If cooperate square too strong, hospital not only uncontrollable, be controlled by place of the other side instead, immediate consequence is to want to pay a huge sum fee to cooperate. If cooperate square too puny, cannot provide good maintenance service, meet thereby the block up promotion to hospital competition ability.

With Zhejiang university college of medicine accessary children hospital is exemple, equipment of its medical treatment maintains a service to basically rely on manufacturer technology personnel, it is personnel of hospital medicine engineering next, just be business of tripartite maintenance next. It is reported, be in this hospital, place of business of tripartite maintenance occupies portion to be less than 10% . And scan widely Hua Na, Huadong and even whole nation, we cannot call an actual strength business of abundant tripartite maintenance at a draught up to now. What feel regretful slightly at present is, in hospital person eye, business of service of tripartite maintenance is immature still, immature mean lack the conclusive power with mighty trend. A group without leader, it is this group lives at present feature.

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