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The civilian battalion hospital below new condition, how to shine sword of get t

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The civilian battalion hospital below new condition, after all does the outlet where?

In the civilian battalion hospital of the Bo Yizhong in the market, advertisement conduct propaganda is the method of a kind of strategy that its live and develops. However, just is publicized falsely because of advertisement, curative effect and acceptance are not accorded with, cause psychological scar and pecuniary loss to the patient, bury issued patient mistrustful heavy crisis.

Because hospital of a few civilian battalion is medical treatment level, famous degree, credit is spent lower, investor eager for quick success and instant benefit, appeared to release false advertisement, do sth without authorization to increase course of diagnosis and treatment to wait " behavior of sales promotion  , these behavior make whole figure of trade of civilian battalion hospital is damaged badly. Sincere letter problem has become the first class major issue that matters to life and death of civilian battalion hospital to live or die.

In the meantime, also as a result of sincere letter problem, make socially the manner that a lot of people hold a kind to be not approbated to civilian battalion hospital is discrimination even. This is the problem that a whole industry is worth to think over. Before long, of civilian battalion hospital appearance, become activation of medical treatment industry to manage mechanism, improvement to serve the one large window of quality. The service move that human nature changes, quick handle affairs efficiency, and the medical personnel smiling face that sees inaccessibly in public hospital, let numerous patient find everything new and fresh. All these, all result from the administrative mechanism that company of civilian battalion hospital changes, to the longing that seek profits, make they can self-conscious " be like,entertain a guest guest " .

However, the thing has two sides sex, when morality of lack of this one motive and law are restrained, pursuit profit decay was become " gainful " . The medical treatment advertisement that if exaggerate badly,makes up in cold blood even, be packed meticulously " bogus expert " , be without the false and inferior recipe of curative effect, exceed cost severalfold even the medical price of a few times, lay money of patient of bilk of economic norms of make known to lower levels, designedly to cure...

Orgnaization of adviser of be on sale of international of blue Ge Zhiyang points out: Cannot get a society approbate, the patient does not see a doctor, what does the hospital still have to develop but character? And solve this one problem to do not have other method, the outlet of only should take the way that standardization runs like public hospital namely, and this is to solve civilian battalion hospital not only the outlet of sincere letter problem, also be the path that the place in the development of civilian battalion hospital in the future must follow strictly. And the way that takes normalization, principal should change management intention thoroughly namely, the long development that changes the nearsightedness intention that pursues interest blindly to sincere desire to serve for the patient comes on the idea.
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