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Terms of payment of each country medical treatment is analysed

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In recent years, expenses of medical treatment of world each country rises generally faster. The growth of medical treatment charge exceeds the issue that economy grows or national income incremental ratio leads, oneself become the policy issue with the the most important, most pressing each country. Accordingly, each country government is mixed without the reform of terms of payment of ignored medical treatment perfect, regard the crucial policy measure that leads medical treatment reform as the reform of terms of payment. Be sure as medical treatment of our country town and expand what rural collaboration medical treatment covers a range ceaselessly, how to choose appropriate terms of payment to control the too rapid growth of medical treatment charge, also become the problem that solves urgently.

At present main component is medical treatment terms of payment two kinds: Imprest make after mixing, pay make. Each kinds in have different disbursement again form.

Imprest make

It is to point to commonly before medical treatment charge happens, insurance just presses expenses of certain mark brigadier medical treatment to pay medical establishment beforehand. Paying a level is fixed inside certain period, a paragraph of period hind presses the adjustment with the again corresponding change of actual condition. Imprest make basically amount advances make, pay by poll and diagnose by the disease relevant pay in group etc.

Amount is imprest make (Globalbudget) is the service that serves an orgnaization in consideration medical treatment by government sector or insurance device on circumstance foundation, press some kind of standard, the service that reachs a hospital like number of herd of orgnaization dimensions, technology, service is measured (include the) such as person-time of outpatient service person-time, be in hospital and charge, affirmatory some medical establishment is certain period (it is 1 year commonly) budgetary amount. Cure protects an orgnaization to be ceiling with this when pay.

Pay fee by poll (Capitation) serves what the number of the object and everybody sets to collect fees according to conventional hospital or doctor norm, beforehand pay medical treatment serves expense, make thereby control measure for just taking charge self-consciously, if develop the activity such as disease precaution, healthy education, fixed check-up, with period utmost ground reduces incidence of a disease, reduce expenses expenses.

Diagnose by the disease relevant pay to also say to diagnose classified norm to advance by the disease in group make (DRGs-PPS) . From 20 centuries 70 time rise, the United States takes the lead in be being diagnosed to the disease relevant in group (DRGs) undertakes study, built diagnose by the disease relevant in group. Classify a method according to international disease namely, become patient of be in hospital by diagnostic cent a certain number of DRGs, assign the value respectively to every DRGs, the patient is one-time in whole process of diagnosis and treatment the fee that pays this to assign the value to the hospital.
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