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Patient of danger of medical treatment responsibility seeing a doctor from which

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3 ministries and commissions close to whole nation of " of danger of responsibility of " medical treatment is popularized

Management board of medicine of the meeting that keep watch, wholesome meeting, traditional Chinese medical science was released jointly a few days ago " the announcement that is sure to concern an issue about driving medical treatment responsibility " , aim danger of responsibility of medical treatment of the promotion inside countrywide limits, afterwards Beijing is executed cast compulsively after protecting, the whole nation each are big the hospital may be united like motor vehicle cast protect like making strong narrow pass, increase " of danger of responsibility of " medical treatment for the patient this one safeguard. What the citizen cares is, what profit can this insurance bring to the interest of patient seeing a doctor? Whether to come up against dispute of doctors and patients to there is more reasonable means of settlement again?

The appearance of danger of medical treatment responsibility that although be returned at present,popularizes in the whole nation without final conclusion how, nevertheless this period insurance edition will is with the Beijing with pilot go ahead of the rest consult, the clause of danger of medical treatment responsibility that protects a company with the person is chief source, the danger that the hope makes you unfamiliar to this is planted have more knowledge.

Cast maintain profit: The patient obtains compensate probability to increase

After be being popularized when danger of medical treatment responsibility, many media buy odd direct compensate to pay patient " to try to describe for the hospital with " insurance company, however this kind of view is incorrect.

The policy-holder of danger of medical treatment responsibility, should be each in fact big medical establishment. Beijing begins to pursue risk of responsibility of comprehensive and compulsive medical treatment from 2005, blame of requirement place " seeks profits medical establishment " casts the gender entirely protect, wait for other city in Shanghai nevertheless, danger of medical treatment responsibility still is one each wishs to cast a place difficult of access that guarantee to plant.

Defend the provision of danger of medical treatment responsibility that roll out according to the person, medical personnel nurses in diagnosis and treatment in the activity, "Because of hold error of course of study causes patient person to damage, by patient or its are close the relative raises claim for compensation to insurant first application, when answering to assume civil liability to pay compensation by insurant lawfully, the underwriter is in charge of compensating for according to the agreement of this insurance contract. "As we have learned, patient and insurance company do not have direct connection when applying for manage compensate---The patient should apply for manage compensate to the hospital, the hospital applies for manage compensate to insurance company again, is not the patient applies for to insurance company directly. In reasonable compensate process, the patient also is not get compensatory directly from insurance company place, what insurance company compensates for is a hospital, the hospital compensates for a patient again.
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