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The Henan type of industry of eye health care " save atone for "

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In enterprise of health care of eye of a hunderd schools on the whole nation, henan has 559 at least. But in the industrial dimensions that held countrywide market half of country in this, can you see the figure of Henan brand rarely however? Is Henan enterprise in what kind of means lives with a kind? The tremendous contrast that what created market dimensions and explicit show be?

Recently, through visitting, the reporter discovered this group course of study survives distinctly secret.

Invisible industry

As usual, one big early, the Fu Ming of limited company of science and technology of Beijing some biology began the one moil of the day in the office of Zhengzhou. He is the general manager of the Beijing enterprise that with producing eye health care the product gives priority to this. Fu Ming tells a reporter, the whole nation does the enterprise of eye health care to have about a hundred, and Henan has 559 at least, this still is his conservative estimation. However, the reporter saves industrial and commercial bureau to understand from Henan, register in door enterprise of eye health care did not reach this number far. We also see the product of eye health care that has Henan appear rarely in the market,

Already did Fu Ming explanation of 8 years to say in industry of eye health care, the industry of Henan eye health care 8 years ago follows to be compared now, should say change namely what method of line of the products, treatment abounds than before became much, but this industry from beginning to end the breakthrough with great never mind. "Resemble in those days production of shoe line of business is same, what the company of eye health care of our Henan goes mostly is the way that sticks a card. Perhaps resemble me namely such, the product that produces in Henan with oneself goes supplying the company that the other place registers. This is coming up somehow telling also is one kind sticks a card. This is coming up somehow telling also is one kind sticks a card..

As to why to register in Henan, the public figure that makes this group also is to have affliction talk. Fu Ming discloses, industry of Henan eye health care starts earlier, but because terminal joins in business eager for quick success and instant benefit, groom to employee unqualified, do not be in charge of waiting for a problem to the client, the industry of eye health care that creates Henan dropped when start a big fall. Those enterprises nowadays became overblown blossoms-things that are stale and no longer of interest, but give us the difficulty that enterprises of these of people of talent brought expansibility however.

Still have even if existence of a lot of consumer wears a kind now " Chong Daxin manages " , the thing that thinks the enterprise of the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen is produced just is good. Common saying says well " have demand supply " , sticking card phenomenon tide to follow this have particular concern.
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