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Wu Yinghai: Government " unified purchase " medical apparatus and instruments

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Government " unified purchase " medical apparatus and instruments

Ministry of Public Health announces, chinese inland all blame seek profits quality medical establishment is clinical used medical apparatus and instruments, rise 7 years will unite by governmental sanitation service entirely evaluate, concentration is purchased. Ministry of Public Health points out, medical apparatus and instruments is purchased centrally be helpful for assuring to purchase quality, reduce purchase cost and value, reduce patient and industry burden, the trade that prevents domain of medical purchase and sale at the same time boodles.

Governmental exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs does not please

Original intention of this action of Ministry of Public Health is to prevent the commercial bribery of domain of medical purchase and sale, but the author thinks very inaccessible expect an end. In the meantime, the government sector goes purchasing, with a gleam of effective demand joins very hard, although commercial bribery stemmed, assure very hard also to purchase quality, such societies are communal the interest gets assuring hard. Accordingly, the author thinks, governmental exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs prevents commercial bribery, it is arduous really do not please.

Medical apparatus and instruments is purchased now in appear commerce boodles, prime cause is not purchased in him hospital, and relevant supervisory mechanism is diseased in the process that purchases in medical apparatus and instruments, it is the problem that appears in reform. To these problems, what we should do is a basis market rule, supervise a mechanism soundly, put forward to treat a disease effective prescription, is not to replace a hospital to purchase in a hurry. The hospital is purchased in medical apparatus and instruments in have a problem, if we are replaced hastily, so, the hospital is perfected independently forever do not rise. Governmental exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs prevents commerce to boodle is the government monopolizes ill break out again, what should cause us is alert. Heibei saves Yan Jianguang of city of state of look forward to

Beware " unified take bribes "

Current, when partial medical establishment is purchasing medical apparatus and instruments, or is shoddy, or empty increases cost, try every means earns the patient's money more. Have more very person, still all alone wantonly in purchasing a process bribe, cause house of price of medical apparatus and instruments not to fall high. Ministry of Public Health plans to purchase open invite public bidding to medical apparatus and instruments, this is beneficial to undoubtedly reduce cost, benefit at the patient.

The author is opposite this action is full of expect while, fear this is planted however " unified purchase " meeting dissimilation becomes pattern " unified take bribes " , make " dispersive corruption " become " concentration is corrupt " . Unite in executive medicines and chemical reagents in purchasing system process, this kind of ugly travel is not without precedent. Drug that 2006 city of Shandong province Yantai holds centers process of invite public bidding in, because the organizer changes a standard suddenly, the low advantage of enterprise of partial contest prize alls gone, final of a lot of medicines and chemical reagents win the bid price is 56 times higher than lowermost quoted price, backside cat be bored with be clear at a glance.
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