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Current situation of informatization of Chinese medical treatment and demand fin

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Develop in IT high speed today, the informatization of medical treatment industry invests growth of dimensions year after year. Medical treatment defends make trouble course of study to affect the national economy and the people's livelihood, and medical treatment informatization is facilities of medical treatment sanitation whether serve better in information age at patient, service at the society important prop up, be being reached constituent attention by government sector and increasing relevant enterprise.

Medical treatment informatization develops the current situation to analyse

Investment of medical treatment informatization adds fast hasten delay, dimensions year after year increases.

Seek advice according to CMP in " market of application of IT of industry of Chinese medical treatment considered to reach 2007 ~ to forecasted a report 2011 2006 " medium data shows, up to by 2006, IT of industry of Chinese medical treatment invests dimensions to amount to 5.755 billion yuan, relatively grew 15.8% to control compared to the same period 2005. Although in last few years, IT investment adds fast year after year to put delay, but investment dimensions still grows quickly.

Applied market feature is bright.

Process of medical treatment informatization is in macroscopical on get the influence of policy of sanitation of national medical treatment. In a few years when commercialize reform, the informatization investment of medical treatment enterprise gets apparent drive, and the change that reforms policy, also let a few small-sized hospitals do not have more investment ability. The reform trend that latter commonweal changes, be beneficial to the investment structure that changes the past.

From the point of the application of hospital informatization, the administrative levels sex that IT of different dimensions hospital uses still apparent. On the whole, the hospital with high level is average the hospital with low level of prep above of IT application level.

Major the 2 class hospital of 3 class hospital and partial start off before the others, complete HIS system construction basically already the first round, the 3 class hospital with advanced part already entered phase of HIS system conformity; And the hospital reachs much under one class part 2 class hospital, in be in the course that builds HIS system the first round.

The distributinging case that PACS/RIS system is in various hospital is basic and similar, the hospital measure that uses this system nevertheless on the whole a few fewerer. In the part advanced hospital, include PACS/RIS, LIS inside system of integrated hospital information (or call unifinication HIS the system) application is relatively mature. In the meantime, in the application that the new-style technology measure such as mobile IT is entering hospital informatization.

Communal and wholesome informatization develops quickly. After 2003, construction of communal and wholesome informatization and application are started quickly, entered the construction phase that has materiality more 2006, obtain level sex positive result. The integrated lash-up system of wholesome domain plans, in the job that also entered Ministry of Public Health.
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