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The canal does syncretic is the crux of the problem of system of medical treatme

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Medical treatment of cloggy our country serves resource to arouse, not be policy of medical treatment service, show a system of medical treatment management however. The truth is simple, state-private develop simultaneously, cure of Chinese and Western pays equal attention to, the medical treatment with urban and rural give attention to two or morethings serves guiding principle, in any case should pass the active managing that what system just is able to carry out. System has an obstacle, guiding principle is written again clear and logical, also do not fall real point.

Active medical treatment serves the most striking distinguishing feature of system, it is the canal does syncretic. What is the canal does syncretic? The wholesome administration that is a government is in charge of a branch (arrive from Ministry of Public Health) of hall of each district sanitation, bureau, run a hospital already, run a hospital again. This kind of canal runs the system of syncretic, experienced certain change, but most the feature that the person denounces -- a variety of parts such as judgment of volume of administrative power section, the leader of a sports team, coach at a suit -- did not change at all however.

Say, the canal does syncretic to have background greatly. In academic conception respect, lenin planned 1917 of prospective Soviet economy discussing should be to achieve formerly: "All citizen became a the whole people, of the country ' Xindijia ' employee and worker. " " whole society will make part of a management, the plant that makes equality of a labor, pay equality " (" country and revolution " ) . Although be in practice, the Lenin after mastering national political power did not illuminate his original conception to handle affairs immediately -- made the new economy that admits a variety of economy part however (net value, information) policy -- but, the state is appropriative and super the company will organize whole economy, culture and social career, still be designed as classical socialistic system and put take history.

Traditional plan system turns whole society into a super company namely. This state is super company, also be super post and telecommunications office, super school and super hospital at the same time. Everything is administrative dominant: Standard of program, layout, investment, human affairs, work out, technology, collect fees cost is led -- if if return need,collecting fees. Below this system, there is distinction between social government and company interior management, because " whole society " became super company.

Told popularly, the administrative system of this height syncretic is " tubal people on one's own side " system. Because everything is a country,construction of investment, country, country appoints, the country is controlled -- besides the country " people on one's own side " , this society also also is done not have again " others " . "Tubal people on one's own side " it is most blunt management pattern, all targets are delivered, resource arouses, responsibility is decomposed, those who lean is command and instruction only. Because be people on one's own side -- company person, the pubic person or national person -- can be directed so with the command. Then, the most popular diction below this system is " be no good, I removed you " . Yes, what still is become than letting you the penalty with more severe people on one's own side?
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