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Wang Baozhen: Breaking medical establishment monopoly is inevitable trend

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Regard Chinese sanitation as one of the earliest investigator of terrain of economics, wang Baozhen changes to this cure apparently the word wants to say, and cure maintains a system is the content that she thinks to elaborate most.

On July 23, medical treatment of countrywide town dweller is safe and pilot start. It is a mark with this, cure protected a system to come true basically already on system level to be enclothed completely.

But Wang Baozhen points out, cure keeps the problem of the system, the reform that keeps system and relevant field in the medical treatment sanitation that began 2005, cure discusses in was ignored, should cause the attention of people now.

Wang Baozhen emphasizes, although she assumes sanitation or cure to keep a department for many times relevant task, but the reflection that maintains a system this about cure, be completely indifferent. Her research result, assume major now task " the difficult point that guarantees about medical treatment and stress research " in.

On August 12, after Wang Baozhen attends an in-house colloquium, to reporter calm bear her viewpoint.

The individual pays a burden very heavy

" 21 centuries " : The State Council started medical treatment of countrywide town dweller safe and pilot, mean system of medical treatment insurance to be rolled out in the round. Do you think how the administration that look upon cure maintains a system and move?

Wang Baozhen: Medical treatment insurance is the limits in social insurance system the system of a kind of insurance with the widest, complex top rate. Cure maintains a system from 1994 pilot, expanded 1996 pilot, pushed in the round 1998, already moved more than 10 years up to now, although each district is in ceaseless exploration and perfect its system, but still existing a lot of difficulty and the problem that are badly in need of solving.

To the problem that cure keeps, people centers attention to cover a range mostly too narrow, the problem with fair poor sex. Actually, still existing to join protect patient individual to pay proportion oneself taller, did not form effective to offerring Fang Jiang effective control, charge pilot method is endless surplus of scientific and reasonable, fund leads on the high side, and " one continuous line " type management system, government affairs is not divided, lack is made effectively judge and supervise etc the issue is very outstanding also.

For instance, ginseng protect patient individual to pay scale very tall, burden very heavy. Here has a statistical caliber problem. Cure protects a branch to think, average load level is in the individual about 30 % - 50 % left and right sides.

In the meantime, with join the income photograph that keeps a patient to compare, the proportion that the individual pays medical treatment to expend the forehead to take income oneself is higher also. Be like: Annuities of enterprise retiree month was 780 yuan 2002, annual income is 9360 yuan, and emeritus blame officeholder is joined protect charge of patient be in hospital to pay the forehead on average to be 4016 yuan oneself, occupy its the 42.91 % of year of income.
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