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Chinese traditional medicine moves toward the world to become " lawful mainstrea

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Why is Chinese traditional medicine the world didn't a lot of countries still acquire market of legal status make one's bow? This topic becomes the 3rd when attend Guangzhou 22 days to hold to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine the heat that expert of bound of medicine of congress each country pays close attention to.

"Theory is admittedly good, but we need data to prove " . Careful of director of office of policy of medicine of management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents, new drug judges office director Robert Tepu (Dr.RobertTemple) say so on lecture.

He thinks, medicine of traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to have its very good academic system, but, what Chinese traditional medicine contains part too much, test and verify is all the effect of composition is not quite feasible, but the curative effect of the whole agent Chinese traditional medicine that we must know. So, "The only way that Chinese traditional medicine enters American market is to use the curative effect that proves drug adequately with rigorous research.

Robert Tepu says, since 1962, medicines and chemical reagents enters American market to must submit application, applicant must have " sufficient evidence " the curative effect that proves medicines and chemical reagents has its place to claim. Alleged and sufficient evidence, show the course proves adequately namely, undertake clinical contrast experiment, will prove the curative effect of this medicines and chemical reagents.

"Chinese development studies the enthusiasm of Chinese traditional medicine is exciting " , but he still emphasizes, likewise important is to should realise the medicaments of global limits is should pass clinical and scientific test, no matter be Chinese traditional medicine or Western medicine.

Ball of · of rash path husband teachs chairman of general affairs of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of federation of research of product of Austrian Chinese herbal medicine (Dr.RudolfBauer) think, the problem of Chinese traditional medicine, the most crucial it is to assure security and make good quality control, such ability are helpful for popularize and applying extensively.

"We want to know, although medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine already was being learned to the bound is known and be accepted by international cure, but Chinese traditional medicine wants to go up all over the world use, gain legal status and the one part of predominate, still have a lengthy process. " Lilianda of director of center of test of medicine of academy of sciences of traditional Chinese medical science of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China teachs pair of reporters to say.

Li Lianda is a pharmacological expert. He says, came a few years in the past, group of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is passed hard, but still fail to be obtained in the world mix legally mainstream position, differ with culture setting above all about. "The medicine in the tradition to the Chinese nation learns other country and nation very unfamiliar, distance is very far, understanding should have a process. And, the degree of modernization of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is insufficient. The degree of modernization of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is insufficient..
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