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Medical treatment resource allocation is unreasonable " the group that fry date

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World Health Organization is stationed in China point out straight from the shoulder on behalf of Bei Hanwei, "System of Chinese medical treatment lacks ' gatekeeper ' , lack doctor of a whole family namely, whether does judgement have his before the patient goes to a hospital necessary. Did not have this gatekeeper, even if need the patient that simple family nurses only, also can seek costly hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment. " this is afraid is large hospital expert beg hard, and by " mark dealer " use as the main reason of the path of unripe money.

Nowadays of the hospital " the group that fry date " gradually collectivize, dimensions is changed. Be in Guangzhou, the registration according to the expert is difficult easy, every date increases price 50 yuan differ to 200 yuan. And be in Beijing, expert date but by " mark dealer " add valence to reach 500 yuan 300 yuan, individual amount to 1000 yuan even.

Those who register expert name is difficult it is China sees a doctor an epitome with ugly expensive disease, does crucial point where? Somebody thinks, "Medical treatment resource is more in short supply, date is peddled fry date more rampant " . This kind of explanation has stated reason, but also be exterior phenomenon only. No less than traffic jam of a city, but be not jam everywhere, need only billabong and be restricted to wait for OK and effective delay to decrease all right jam. But, of China hang expert date to be centered in a few large hospitals with big city limited number, as traffic same, just be partial a section of a highway or flourishing a section of a highway actually jam, but other a section of a highway is expedite move without car even.

The reason depends on, china present medical treatment distributings to professional from resource configuration, from the patient's go to a doctor the choice expected to appear to psychology the thinking of lean to one side and behavior: Go to large hospital unhealthily, see a doctor should look for an expert. Apparent, if cannot come out from the disengagement on this kind of behavior and train of thought, hanging expert date to be met in China is a difficult problem forever.

The city such as Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Chengdu is large and medium-sized the investigation of the hospital makes clear, the patient of 60%~80% does not need to register expert name actually, have 20% only the left and right sides belongs to difficulty disease, need expert interrogation truly. The patient gathers together because have,expert outpatient service is " expert superstition disease " , beautiful perhaps money buys to be at ease, although floriferous money also feels thing,be worth somewhat. Also make clear to the patient's investigation, they do not believe the doctor of general hospital really, also be demoted even 2 class hospital to be even " barefoot doctor " .

The patient produces such view to have stated reason, but be not complete rational. At present the medical treatment resource of 80% centers our country in big city, among them 30% be in large hospital centrally again, include an expert. Resource of large hospital advantage and authoritative impression attracted great majority person to see a doctor, for instance, beijing assist had had many pieces of 3000 hospital bed at present with the hospital, still increasing ceaselessly, doctor of almost all visit a patient at home also has the feeling that can'ts bear heavy burden. But, ill philtrum has 80% in light of is the common disease that can solve in basic level hospital, frequently-occurring disease. But on the other hand, no matter where home is, the medical treatment resource of medical establishment of a lot of 2 class hospitals, community is relatively rich, the expert of hiddden talents thering is no lack of and admirable instrument.
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