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Whether does honoured guest hall cause go to a doctor into the hospital unjust

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If client of mobile phone VIP can enjoy passageway of green of go to a doctor and operation to hit,lose a service only average patient thinks this action is squeezed took resource of common medical treatment -- ,

"VIP " more and more popular, bank, railway station... pass office of VIP honoured guest, for high-end client, big client, member, offer poor dissimilation to serve... not long ago, branch of Chinese UniCom Heilongjiang and its partner Heilongjiang limited company of science and technology of general UniCom message and Harbin medical university are accessary the 4th hospital comes to an agreement, in haing cure big 4 courtyards establish UniCom health hall of station VIP honoured guest. This project aroused controversy.

■ hall of VIP honoured guest garrisons a hospital

Not long ago of a lot of user of UniCom mobile phone of Harbin city got a short message that UniCom company issues: "UniCom is as big as haing cure 4 courtyards create office of honoured guest of wait to see a doctor of UniCom health station hand in hand, to honoured guest treatment is enjoyed while you realize passageway of green of go to a doctor. To honoured guest treatment is enjoyed while you realize passageway of green of go to a doctor..

Haing medical science is big Meng Qinggang of 4 courtyards assistant dean says, the hospital began to cooperate with UniCom company this year in June, the hall of honoured guest of VIP of UniCom health station that built a nearly 200 square metre in the 2 buildings of hospital sunshine hall. "Originally this position plans to build gathering to be in, but consider from long-term development, decision and UniCom collaboration establish honoured guest office, this kind of collaboration is mutually beneficial mutual benefit. " Meng Qinggang says.

Qu Shaojun of vise general manager says department of business of appreciation of branch of Chinese UniCom Heilongjiang: "UniCom has in the client of Heilongjiang millions of, VIP client occupies 1/3 about, among them official of advanced white-collar, government is not little, these are natural resources of high grade client, can dig the market very big. Can dig the market very big..

It is OK that from UniCom health station membership serves a guideline to go up understanding arrives, the function of hall of honoured guest of VIP of UniCom health station: Each are dealt with inside honoured guest hall large hospital makes an appointment expert, make an appointment see a doctor, make an appointment the passageway of green of go to a doctor such as bed and service of member check-up formula; The operation is dealt with to hit inside honoured guest hall lose a service, from be admitted to hospital to leave hospital, whole journey minimum price, get high quality service; UniCom user can be inside honoured guest hall direct send by registered mail, discharge the suffering that queues up to wait; Honoured guest hall faces UniCom VIP user and member of UniCom health station to offer environment of exalted and easy wait to see a doctor to wait a moment. As we have learned, the member that at present member of station of hold UniCom health blocks already had 12000 much people.
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