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Medium and small businesses: Medical establishment is badly in need of civilian

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Summary: In recent years, sanitation of our country medical treatment ensures a system to be perfected ceaselessly, civilian battalion went to main effect since medical establishment amid. But, civilian battalion hospital also faces a lot of difficult problem, be like capital level of soft hardware of in short supply, medical treatment is not advanced. Yin Lianxin thinks, search richer financing ditch, will be to need the path of classics.

Of the rapid development as national economy and standard of living rise, people is older and older also to healthy demand. Will tell from macroscopical level, the country enrichs the people strong the long-term goal that is social progress. And from microcosmic level, health is individual and the foundation with happy family. Visible, perfect medical treatment sanitation guarantees a system, to the society development and firm choose a site for the capital have all in all sense.

But at present medical treatment of the inadequacy of gross of medical treatment resource of our country, average per capita has an amount little, and the area distributings extremely lopsided. Our country government also solves this problem in exert oneself all the time in recent years. To those civilian battalion for medical establishment, if where,the case with not high level of soft hardware of in short supply, medical treatment leaves fund, grasp opportunity, implementation spans type develops, become current first issue.

Current, the greatest difficulty that hospital of battalion of our country civilian encounters is capital problem.

Above all, the asset of our country major hospital is indebted lead on the low side, average indebted rate is only 29.1% , far under other industry standard. And go up in indebted structure, the hospital is in debt basically is due, its scale is as high as 60% , and among them 90% is take up druggist capital. And the indebted fund that is used at introducing building of outpatient service of equipment of high grade medical treatment, ward to transform to wait for a respect, scale does not calculate tall.

Next, the grow in quantity of year after year of receivable Zhang fund of the hospital, turnover rate is shown drop posture. Cure protects the amplification of crowd amount, brought about a hospital receivable money grow in quantity and cycle spin. And go up in due, deal with Zhang money turnover rate to present apparent ascendant state. Pay on average of medicines and chemical reagents among them periodic by at the outset 3 months, development comes 5 months above.

Finally, hospital fixed assets scale is larger in recent years, 70% what occupy total assets, and increment is very apparent, in going a few years, its accumulative total increases the forehead to reach a hospital year 20% of income. Hospital in recent years the growth of profit the growth under income, the year after year that also caused profit margin drops.

On the other hand, government waited to be made to material of bad news of equipment supervision of the main medicines and chemical reagents of the hospital, medical treatment, medical treatment depreciate substantially. And in the past, the income of this respect holds gross earnings 70% the left and right sides, meanwhile, the government throws amplitude very little to the finance of the hospital.
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