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Huang Mengfu: Build Chinese characteristic medical treatment to guarantee a syst

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Seventeen put forward clearly to want greatly " the medicine in giving aid to and progress of ethical medicine career " , put forward to build the demand of sanitation of Chinese characteristic medical treatment and healthy safeguard system. This system, have two main distinguishing feature at least: Emperor scabbard inspects humorous of Tao of ι black a screen-like mountain peak waiting till [Guo of  of man of Pu of agitate of bursa of  of Ping of Pu of  manganese Lu] carry ⒒ of location of grey emperor shallow Zhuo to I hope again when Qiu of Xia of Fei of wooden tablets or slips for writing of Ti of U play  U of radon of  of Pu Lang of agitate of left-eyed flounder of  of the Su that uncover ┰

Insist to be given priority to in order to prevent

Our country medical treatment defends make trouble course of study to put forward to prevent a when give priority to guiding principle main setting is culture of our country's deep drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Drug of our country traditional Chinese medical science is not only " go to work is treated not ill " concept, more one is cover more complete " treat not ill " academic, still have a series of " treat not ill " method, measure and experience. "Treat not ill " concept and concept of contemporary precaution medicine are in going up at all is consistent, 2000 come for years its method and experience had been approbated generally for our country common people.

Carry out precaution to give priority to guiding principle, must highlight the key effect of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Door of Ministry of Public Health, especially medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine management department, still have the concerned management department such as sports, culture, conduct propaganda, food, should take the measure mining, medicine in arranging " treat not ill " academic, method and experience, combine contemporary precaution medicine, the prevents health care of disease, preserve one's health policy that formulates one a complete set of to suit contemporary Chinese to need, system and measure, the conduct propaganda that includes knowledge, experience, method gains ground etc. Make the whole people healthy the level gets rising, the growth momentum of medical treatment total cost gets keep within limits, the spiritual outlook of whole society and civilized ethos get promotion.

Hold to " attach most importance to a dot with the country "

Proportion of our country rural population is large, farmer income level is low, condition of rural medical treatment is poor. Face this one fundamental national condition, want to offer the basiccest medical treatment sanitation to ensure for the farmer, sheet relies on modern medicine to be no good, must develop drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine adequately " simple test cheap " advantage. It is difficult to should solve a farmer to see a doctor at present, see a doctor expensive issue, besides should increase a country devoted, accelerate development outside the measure such as medical treatment of new-style country collaboration, also need to find out a road on means of service of medical treatment sanitation, and what suit rural wholesome enterprise to admit need most is medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the medical treatment sanitation that gives priority to cure of body, Chinese and Western to run paralell with medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is built to guarantee a system in the country.
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