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New-style NMR installs in tile: New generation designs a technology (attached dr

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The system of new generation NMR that the company installs in tile used brand-new design to undertake compose build with mature DirectDrive technology, the system has unapproachable operation flexibility, it is the system of most banner nuclear magnetic resonance on current market.

New-style NMR is installed in tile

Advanced design is advantageous function

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The NMR system that the company installs in tile is right transmit, receive conduit to use parallel control, offer an interface for program pulse power source friendly, function is powerful software system. NMR system uses famous VnmrJ software to undertake counting occupying collect and be handlinged, it is methodological development and the optimal option that use daily.

Advanced performance of company NMR system is installed to bring profit in tile

The cleanest RF structure DirectDrive can help methodological developer develop new technology conveniently.

The most powerful digitlization is accepted implement finer base line can get in applying actually, better dynamic range, taller sensitivity.

Advanced phasic with amplitude modulation technology. Can be analysed in liquid of the solid state sample that analyses hard, biochemistry and outstanding expression receives in fast liquid experiment.

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