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System of Kodak Point-of-care CR-IT 560 (attached drawing)

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Kodak Point-of-careCR-IT560 system

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Kodak Point-of-careCR-IT560 system faces high-end X line to check application and most mobile X line of economy solution

The digital X ray that Kodak Point-of-careCR-IT560 system brought highest effect for the patient directly is become like the technology.

CR-IT560 system installs the CR reader with powerful function and ray of movable type X buy is compositive with independence " pack " inside, this independence is become portable like the solution, the good choice that is a variety of application (include bedside examination, emergency treatment room, traumatic examination, ICU and nurse room) , also be accurate at the same time, what diagnose in time is important assure.

CR-IT560 system design is deft, operate easily use, it is clinical service effectively, improve work efficiency. Use this kind to contain workstation of generator of ray of veneer CR reader, X, PC (contain feeling screen monitor) with portable power source and the system with cabinet, portable structure, can become in what what when the patient nurses, need like the function.

Use is extensive


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Below current and busy medical treatment environment, provide a patient quickly, efficiently video with information crucial. Kodak Point-of-careCR-IT560 system is used not only convenient, and weight is lighter, during can letting nurse in the patient " instant " obtain video, be clinical service effectively and provide work efficiency.

Safe and agile

Kodak Point-of-careCR-IT560 system is become independent onefoldly to resemble a solution. The system is contained sunken annulus, can move easily, apply to any need almost instant number is video the applied environment that has be diagnosed quickly and be remedialed.

CR-IT560 system strictly speaking, be " wireless " . The power source of this system is airborne power source, after charging, can get amount to 100 video. In addition, this system is OK still with exterior and HIS/RIS, long-range radiate to resemble applying, turn examine doctor, diagnostician and other doctor protect personnel to have wireless news report.

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