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Mai Dixun color is supersonic attached drawing of appearance SonoAce 8000 SE()

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The SonoAce8000SE that limited company of Mai Dixun medical apparatus and instruments develops has very superior performance to compare.

Mai Dixun color is supersonic appearance

Color is supersonic appearance SonoAce 8000 SE

Type feature

- - converse harmonic becomes pulse picture

- - 2 times harmonic is become picture

- - filter wave technology

- - echelon is become picture

- - much beam is become picture

- - free arm is three-dimensional

Multimedia and network

SonoAce8000SE has the operation interface that human nature changes, make the doctor is in clinical when diagnosing, special advantage is mixed accurate. We also can try hard ceaselessly, change human nature the design derives storage equipment and additional facility over, make 8000SE can be competent now and the important task in the future.

Image management

Image is browsed, measure, change and store

Except have as same as SonoviewLite function besides, still can be linked together with the PC, undertake image is shared

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