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Toshiba angiography intervening system (Infinix I)(graph)

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Toshiba angiography intervening system (Infinixi) , use the video chain with the most advanced Toshiba, particular digital image optimizes processing technology in real time, can assure picture quality to the greastest extent, be aimed at the dynamic limits that optimizes image especially, those who show small conduit, seal wire is video. Use ergonomics principle to design, the operation is simple, complete intelligence is changed, operation of one key type, make the doctor pays close attention to to the greastest extent enter operation itself at interpose. Safe dose protects a technology, make of the doctor " take a line " quantity lowest; Particular disk array technology, ensure the safety of operation data to the greastest extent.

Toshiba angiography intervening system

Toshiba angiography intervening system

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The dosage of 1. perfect is protected - - Madeforpatients

More than 10 kinds of pulse are clairvoyant, protective doctor place gets radiation dosage minimum.

Bar accuses to provide ball technology, assure ray quality adequately.

Technology of distinctive metallic Tantalum filtration, more drop scattering line.

Technology of computer simulation aperture, need not check exposure, can install compensation board.

2, superior picture quality - - Madeforyou

The number of real time trends of Toshiba patent compensates filtration technology (DDCF) , assure the image detail of part of image big contrast, offer you more diagnostic information.

The number of Toshiba patent identifies filtration technology (DPRF) , those who assure any small conduit, small seal wire is video, exceed chosen intervening operation to escort the Emperor for you convoy.

The video booster of Toshiba patent, the center defends oneself rate industry is highest. Offer multiple choice for you at the same time, 12/14/16 inch choose along with you.

Three focuses run a ball, the smallest central issue only 0.3mm, make sure you observe each detail.

Technology of enlarge of real time fluoroscopy, below the prerequisite that does not add dosage, roam enlarge any designation image.

3, the operation of agile safety - - Madeforpartnership

"One key is connected " intelligent navigation technology, make the communication of you and Infinixi series more smooth, any complex operations, OK and compositive in " one key " finish inside the operation.

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