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Computer of Kodak CR7400 dentistry radiates to resemble a system

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Computer of Kodak CR7400 dentistry radiates like the system

Kodak CR7400

Kodak CR7400

Kodak CR7400

Film already was used in dentistry time old, you are in simplify this work flow while, seek a number to radiate to resemble a technology ceaselessly. Computer of Kodak CR7400 dentistry radiates to resemble the digitlization solution that the system is a kind of such original creation, through paying attention to a solution, you one pace is OK your whole practice translate into digitlizes: Computer of Kodak CR7400 dentistry radiates to be able to help you like the system an all oral cavity are video film upgrades for digitlization: Complete a piece of scenery, head piece, all sorts of dimension inside the mouth piece. In you the trend is harmed without chemistry, without paper environment while, mix inside the opening that still can use you to have equipment of ray of the X outside the mouth. Like all Kodak dentistry the department consolidates model, this kind makes your equipment more specialization, modern, and Kodak expert supports a group still will provide professional technical support for you.

Use convenient, comfortable

Computer of Kodak CR7400 dentistry radiates to be become like the IP in the system picture board be one kind can repeat use agile sheet metal, as similar as film on appearance and dimension, a variety of dimension and appearance are optional, provide the picture of more different tooth postures for clinical dentist, facilitate clinical diagnostic reference, especially the IP inside the mouth board thin ply is equal at film, avoided to resemble other IP board or other is become like means the powerful foreign body inside the mouth feels.

Kodak quality other people is worth somewhat

Computer of Kodak CR7400 dentistry radiates to be able to provide performance like the system the digital influence with reliable, consistent quality, with satisfying diagnostic requirement, IP is become picture board exposure means and film are identical, be based on the X ray equipment of current use film, and it is normal to affecting dentistry staff member below the premise of working flow, become with IP picture board replace conventional film, decreased to use the cost of the film when film and liquid medicine, this is to digitlization process most the solution with practical economy, and you will are no longer store film and vexed, CR7400 will make you have the advantage of the simple sex of film and digitlization at the same time, the professional technology in film and digitlization domain is worth Kodak absolutely reliance, accompany you to enter digitlization easily to become like the times.
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