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C of movable type of BV Endura of flying benefit riverside arm angiography syste

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Flying benefit riverside rolls out C of BVEndura- movable type arm angiography system:

C of BV Endura movable type arm angiography system

Its characteristic includes:

The expert of blood-vessel of the week outside 1. : Tall pulse frequency, tall milliampere outputs instantaneous, assure quality of first-rate trends picture; Suffer in zincous thermal capacity those who be restricted is medium C, flying benefit riverside uses tall canal to cover thermal capacity, tall rate of heat dissipation, raise X line efficiency to solve this one difficult problem at the same time, assure the successive job of the machine; Powerful comprehensive outside week blood-vessel checks software.

The video catenary structure with outstanding 2. assures perfect picture quality: The light of high quality X of win universal praise is in charge of, changeover of tall X line is led, the video booster of high-definition clear, the digitlization of matrix of whole journey 1Kx1K is video catenary structure, perfect image aftertreatment technology assures perfect picture quality.

The metric management with perfect 3. is in assure outstanding picture quality while, utmost ground reduces the X line dosage of patient and doctor: A variety of pulse appear video to lead a choice; Combine nose technology, need not high-pressured cable, high-pressured weaveform is steep straight, comb-out soft ray; The shutter of the most advanced complete leading structure, circle, rectangular shutter is used, the whirl with two rectangular OK and unilateral shutter and shift, OK and aleatoric setting sends the user the form that takes view, utmost ground reduces scattering line; Distinctive spectrum filters device, can reduce doctor and patient the skin dosage of 40% .

The design with light, address 4. , optimize efficient operation flow: Balance type C arm completely, mobile and agile. C arm can make 90 degrees come - 45 degrees rotate. Shift observes wagon flow line design, cabinet, light, monitor is OK fold, rotate 180 degrees, convenient doctor observes image in aleatoric position.

5. configuration is comprehensive, the function is powerful

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