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Attached drawing of Panorama HFO(of system of resonance of magnetism of flying b

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Panorama HFO of system of resonance of magnetism of flying benefit riverside has following characteristics:

Panorama HFO of system of resonance of magnetism of flying benefit riverside

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Offer 1.5T magnetism resonance the tall field of coequal function opens type magnetism resonance to check a solution

Coil of · solenoid technology provided taller letter comparing of a confusion of voices, bigger enclothe limits and better comfortable sex
· is equivalent to the signal intensity of 1.5T, assure the parenchyma contrast with perfect Panorama HFO
The acceleration with · and same Achieva engine FreeWave
The whole journey intelligence with handy · scans - SmartExam. Assure voluntary plan, automatic scanning and automatic processing, "One key pass an imperial examination "

A standard-sized sheet puts type scanning environment

· 3 times open at traditional magnetism syntonic degree.
· is opposite at traditional magnetism resonance, the stretch with offer the person that get check better is measurable.
· Ambient is perfected for Panorama HFO.
· Panorama HFO will bring user more value to reflect.

Traditional magnetism syntonic is surmounted

· surmounts the scanning mode of type of hole of traditional magnetism resonance, offer those who surmount traditional magnetism resonance to cannot be offerred more powerful clinical application.
· solves magnetism resonance completely to slant the malady of central application, the person that get check is located in optimal scanning position from beginning to end.
Coil of · unifinication body, expanded further the space of the person that get check.
More wide extensive and free scrutator observe · the line of sight.
· expands magnetism resonance examination to real time motion becomes the territory that resemble.

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