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CarestreamHealth releases new-style number to radiate to resemble a system (grap

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CarestreamHealth company releases new-style number to radiate to resemble a system -- the DR9500 system of innovation can move around the patient, went to the lavatory to locate.

New-style number radiates to resemble a system

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Recently, carestreamHealth company (group of former Kodak medical treatment, medical treatment of acute of the following abbreviation aing jade-like stone) to promotion of Medical Protection orgnaization brand-new number radiates to resemble a system. System of new-style Kodak DIRECTVIEWDR9500 used the configuration of innovation, after afterwards obtains the Kodak DIRECTVIEWDR7500 system of special honour repeatedly, make industry another dazzling product.

New-style DR9500 system broke through traditional configuration, checking detector installation first stage and / or wall hung on bracket, use condole to carry type on the head however arm of dynamoelectric U look, how be in charge of of X light among them and detector, realized unprecedented maneuverability and operation flexibility.

This system can move easily around the patient, facilitating photography fixed position and the convenience sex that increase technical staff and work efficiency. For example, technical personnel need not move patient, can get the body to control two side, whole body of each place much angle video. Because this suits very much all sorts of common radiate to resemble checking, the easy of the rate that raised operation personnel and the patient with difficult act is measurable.
The advantage of new design

Medical Protection

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Brand-new the DR9500 of the design has following advantage:

The two operations interface on U look arm makes radiative technician need not leave patient or examination room, can change the parameter of X ray generator and technical setting.

Come from radiate to resemble or the operation console that the patient data of hospital information system can transmit a system through DICOM task detailed list, and the operation interface on U look arm. When the radiative examination that is need in technical personnel prepares equipment and fixed position patient, the be fond of that these agile work areas can get used to radiative expert individual moves with need.

Automatic position can improve work efficiency, and facilitate use. Should press only pushbutton, equipment can move to be check next time beforehand the position of process designing.
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