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Machine of scanning of 256 new-style CT is in North America operation

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John - the college of medicine installed Hopkins to match stock world the most advanced CT shows 256 CT that resemble software and device scanning machine, already passed by a definite date at present the security of 3 months and clinical evaluate.

Buy of this new clothes, in North America it is the first, in addition, only Japan still has, it is its predecessor -- 64 CT are explored enclothe 4 times of rate, can detect in the change with careful blood stream or heart head not thick the tiny thrombus that forms in the blood-vessel of 1.5 millimeter toothpick. Production produces the home to say, the Aquilionbeta256 that originates in Japanese Toshiba company anticipates in 1 year in approval obtains extensive and clinical applying. College of medicine of suddenly Pu Jinsi is negotiating the price of this device, its mark a price for 1 million dollar.

John - detect cardiovascular expert Dr. JoãoLima that college of medicine of suddenly Pu Jinsi is in charge of respect of all heart and vessels says, before the advantage of this equipment depends on appearing in the symptom or appear before permanent organ is damaged, can discover suffer be restricted the evidence with the most inchoate blood stream. John - college of medicine and Lima of heart institute associate professor say Hopkins, any organic median, vein or blood capillary block can slow progress is old, arrive badly in the disease only when minatory life ability occurrence bosom is painful, heavy degree of exhaustion and have a headache symptom. The crucial technology of 256-CT progresses (think patient table it seems that by the ferrule place of the gigantic figure that encircle cake around, call central structural frame) it is more probe amounts, every probe sweep range is 4 times of 64-CT. Medicine of suddenly Pu Jinsi has opportunity of a 64 CT scanning at present.

According to company introduction, chan Cixuan of emissive structure of route of this device X turns can form a diameter to be 12.8 centimeters (5 inches) show picture, monolayer ply is enough one-time enclothe most onefold organ, include the greater part of head, heart, complete joint, lung and liver. This is 64 CT3.2 centimeter show those who resemble covering range to rise, 64 CT need a few times to rotate or scanning finishs individual organ show picture. International nerve is radiative expert, Hopkins radiative division associate professor Dr. KieranMurphy says the university, he believes whole head perfusion is shown apoplectic blood stream is brought about easily in resembling scanning can discovering cerebrum slow area, and should scan only.

CT shows the digital signal that resembles be being penetrated by X line airframe generation can detect and computer to rebuild composition. In 256 probe in new-style device every can capture organ or organization a signal. Probe is more, of image show it is better to resemble spending. The computer constitutes all layer signal and the heart with detailed synthesis or head are reached all round hemal three-dimensional image. Below certain circumstance, the patient is increased by inject developer more detail.
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