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Kang Jiang medical treatment rolls out SIGMA330 colour to exceed (attached drawi

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The person that Kang Jiang medical treatment regards ultrasonic as industrial innovation has had the history of 30 one's remaining years, own a lot of supersonic technology patent, be like the first roll out accuse a technology (with HP at the same time) , the first roll out technology of focusing of real time trends to wait a moment. SIGMA330 is the 17th acting ultrasonic that newest development develops Kang Jiang medical treatment diagnoses a system.

Kang Jiang medical treatment rolls out SIGMA330 colour to exceed


  Beam of total number word collects a technology

  • It is platform with become a useful person of entity of beam of total number word, cooperate dynamic focusing and alterable aperture technology, technology of advanced processing of parallel digitlization signal and multivariate processor structure.

   Limits of trends of tall contrast system

  • Use the advanced number circuit of tall comparative trends, can detect those who include to come from all sorts of deepness is extremely strong to faint supersonic diagnostic information.

   Double optimize a technology (D.O.T. Double optimize a technology (D.O.T..

  • Focusing optimizes a technology: Blast off at 4 o'clock focusing, receive 512 dot focusing
  • The organization optimizes a technology (ATEC™) : Echo of a supersonic organization handles a technology to have revolutionary positive result, can mix according to different deepness fat thin optimize image, optimize 2 dimension and chromatic image parameter automatically, delete bogus automatically to resemble (Ghosting) , automatic filter eliminates the spill outside hemal color blood stream, make picture more distinct, bright.

Digitlization image memory reachs transmission system

Digital image archives runs a system (KIPRISM™™) : Portable can brush write check of digital image memory,
USB interface (USD-LINK™) : image the image on memory card and text are transmitted to any computers.
Yi Jie prints (EasyPrint™) : Print chromatic image through ink jet printer directly.
Get used to frequency adjustment technology oneself (AFA™ )

Technology of Kang Jiang's exclusive advanced frequency conversion, frequency gets used to gradual change oneself according to deepness, frequency limits can be inspected adjustable.
Exceed broadband with frequency conversion technology

Probe frequency limits 1.5 to 18 megahertz, all function of automatic frequency conversion and hand use frequency conversion function. 2 dimension, spectrum and chromatic much general force mode independence frequency conversion.
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