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Toshiba INFX-8000C heavy pound hits out Chinese market (attached drawing)

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Toshiba INFX-8000C heavy pound hits out Chinese market

Toshiba Infinix I INFX-8000C

Of Beijing in September, sunshine is beautiful, dry,crisp air of autumn, blue sky white cloud. In again and again of this great achievements fall season, system of You Dongzhi medical treatment (China) limited company wholeheartedly of research and development " brand-new muti_function INFX-8000C of flat intervening system " come out formally also in Chinese market. System of Toshiba medical treatment (China) limited company used market of China of race to control first the valuable time of machine, be aimed at the demand of Chinese client completely, made this brand-new equipment. She changes to devise the way of angiography machine in order to diagnose equipment before, from remedial angle, made " brand-new, suit all sorts of hemal sexes, blame the platform of hemal sex intervening operation " . Green, agile, safety is the intervening concept that Toshiba company proposes, also be INFX - the main distinguishing feature of 8000C.

Toshiba medical treatment all the time with " the health for the mankind " for the concept, enter Chinese market 30 come for years, made graven contribution for the healthy career of Chinese people. Of this INFX-8000C roll out, will be the good fortune of system of Chinese medical treatment and Chinese people more. Accordingly, 100 more than person attended the radiative intervening expert that comes from Beijing, Shanghai, another name for Guangdong Province and countrywide each district, heart intervening expert this second conference, share together with Toshiba company, discuss this brand-new the curiosa of the design.

What director of center of heart of the first hospital Professor Huo Yong says positive-appearing image Beijing University in that way, although the flat blood-vessel machine of Toshiba is the 4th enters Chinese market, but character is not absolutely the 4th, regard equipment of an use Toshiba as 10 years much old client, huo Yong teachs the dosage of perfect of hemal to Toshiba machine to defend, agile operation has experience greatly. More to Toshiba this INFX-8000C that designs a concept in order to intervene platform expresses to approbate. China medicine meets standing member of Institute of Radiology, the equestrian Daqing of hospital of accessary Beijing friendship teachs capital medical university to also regard Toshiba blood-vessel as the user with old machine, gave Toshiba blood-vessel the opinion of aircraft altitude.
This the conference still had favour to invite Toshiba abroad manager of department of business ministry market Mr Alan, he undertook elaborating from each character of the product. Be worth what carry was at 2 o'clock, it is the flat detector of INFX-8000C firstly, although like GE, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, the structure of CSI of + of dispute brilliant silicon, but to come true its " green " concept, amid added special structural layer, can make X line signal is changed into digital picture signal to the greastest extent, this can be not only below the condition that obtains identical letter a confusion of voices to compare, reduce radiation dosage, great still rate is low the picture quality that improved fluoroscopy.
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