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EIZO releases the monochromatic with applied wider range and monitor of chromati

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Recently, art eminent company passes professional video firm the color that develops 1MP and monochromatic monitor, the business of family operation and sphere of medical treatment device outside expanding its are in. Rolled out model of color of SCD 19102 (of 19 inches of monitor) with SMD19102 (ash rank model) monitor of two medical treatment.

The SCD 19102 of these two monitor of art eminent and SMD19102 have newest wide perspective technology, and support two kinds select a replacement: Prevent reflection to protect glass and muti_function base. Additional, display luminance of SCD 19102 color is 280 Cd/m2, SMD 19102 is grey rank the tall brilliance that monitor achieves 1000 Cd/m2.

Like all EIZO monitor, new product was passed before leave factory beforehand calibration. SCD 19102 and SMD 19102 5 colour of the buy inside two monitor contrast watch (LUT) in stored beforehand multinomial the picture quality setting that applies to different application environment, and can use a standard to show clip. Pass the tool of calibration of SMfit Total Care that bind, CIE or DICOM can are based on in installation spot (medical number image transmits a standard) standard setting and calibration monitor.

Additional, molecular plane switch (IPS) the technology ensures individually the wide perspective that ash rank has 170 ° , and can be between ash rank undertake sudden image switch. Adopt internal stability system (ISS) detect to be in a poor light according to Ming Heyan color undertakes persistent and calibration, the monitor that makes adjacent of much stage appearance is placed obtains consistent graph to show the result.

Art eminent assures to the user, all monitor accord with standard of medical safety standard and EMC electromagnetism security strictly. And, with the EIZO at medical treatment equipment quality management system had obtained ISO 13485 attestation.

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