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Hong Kong considers to discover side effect of third hepatitis new treatment is

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University of Hong Kong Chinese considers to show, at the same time use Libaweilin and a kind of interferon treat third hepatitis, side effect is more traditional therapy is light, conduce promotes curative effect.

In a by a definite date in research of 3 years, 257 inferior patient of third of Yi Man sex hepatitis divides two groups, let them be in 12 interferon Beta-1a and Libaweilin are accepted respectively inside week associated therapy and comfort an agent to inject.

The result shows, the associated therapy of interferon Beta-1a and Libaweilin can restrain virus effectively, the 46% patient virus that accept this treatment are able to keep clear of, and the degree of major patient occurrence side-effect all is slight in coming, spend.

Current, use get together the standard method that the associated therapy of glycol interferon and Libaweilin is remedial chronic third hepatitis, but bring for the patient however have a fever, the side-effect such as cold symptom, melancholy, because the patient needs to stop medicine or bring down dosage, effect curative effect.

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