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"Accurate and adherent body " the technology is aided " old tooth new student "

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A few days ago, harbin medical university is accessary oral cavity of the 2nd hospital Hu Wei of doctor of director of abnormal rehabilitate division makes the same score a professor to use " accurate and adherent body " new technology, use incomplete tooth root, the tooth pile with quite tall precision is made on its, match again with precision very tall tooth is covered, aid " old tooth new student " .

Hu Wei makes the same score professor introduction, before whole mouth tooth covers technical eyewinker to feel heavy, when mastication is fed forcedly very no-go, fall off easily, the life quality that gives old people brings very big impact. And " accurate and adherent body " the technology makes the tooth pile with tall precision on plinth of original incomplete basis, install tooth coronal on tooth picket again, withheld original tooth root, both neither influence is beautiful, reduced eyewinker feeling again. And coronal of odd incomplete root, incomplete is relatively in good condition, be short of break a tooth more, the patient with beautiful to the tooth high demand can use this kind of method.

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