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Use CT primitive data effectively

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The enlarge of classics of X line signal that alleged and primitive data is the after passing through human body attenuation that the detector when scanning pointing to CT receives and the data of the earning after imitate number is changed (Rawdata) . Primitive data has a characteristic:

It is OK to use primitive data the quality that improves CT image

The microscope that uses primitive data to be able to undertake skeleton rebuilds processing

Primitive data scans in enlarge (target scans) the application in

Use primitive data undertakes three-dimensional recombine

Use primitive data to undertake rebuilding conducing to differentiating diagnose

Alleged enlarge scanning shows in scanning process CT computer is opposite only namely the primitive data inside the area that scanning place certain is interested in undertakes rebuilding handling, the method of a kind of scanning of the CT picture that shows this to be interested in area only thereby.

The primitive data that we can use memory rebuilds a picture that includes to be interested in the whole section beyond area, can discover all sorts of pathological changes outside be interested in area so.

In routine, save primitive data very be necessary, the different need that we can get on according to diagnosing undertakes to primitive data processing can improve the quality of image rebuilding differently, obtain more diagnostic information, improve diagnostic result thereby.

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