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Gamma knife, X- knife who more get the better of one prepare

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Gamma knife and body of X- Dao Li are directional and radiative the advantage of the tall curative effect that treats malignant tumor place to obtain, small loss, cause domestic and international height attention more and more. Be in however this is both between, after all fruit of curative effect of which kinds of square law is better, this is patient and the topic that its family member cares not only, also be the task that relevant medical personnel explores.

Radiative therapy section teachs Tang Dou hospital of the 4th Military Medical University the person such as Liang Jun, radiating for years on the foundation that treats malignant tumor experience, it is at coming to finished a problem in May 2007 in June 2001 " gamma knife / stereo and directional radiative cure analyses tumour of X- knife whole body 5000 times " research.

Before investigator is treating the patient, random cent is two groups, use gamma knife or X respectively - knife cure. A month after cure ends begins to check along with visit. Along with visit time 6 years the longest, 1 the shortest year. These patients all are reject an operation or probe in the operation cannot the operation is excised and the patient of the malignant tumor that confirms via organizing cytology; Change cure to fail control, unfavorable the patient that change cure or rejects to change cure.

Patient tumour involves cancer of lung cancer, esophagus, liver cancer to wait, patient age is 2 the smallest years old, 89 the biggest years old; The diameter with the smallest tumor before cure 10 millimeter, the biggest diameter 182 millimeter.

The course dogs more than times 5000 6 years continuously along with visit a result to make clear, whole body of stereo and directional radiative cure all sorts of malignant tumor, gamma knife and X- knife can achieve rate of tall local control, low recrudesce rate likewise, complication and undesirable reaction are little wait for an advantage; Can achieve to inchoate tumour effect a radical cure, in be opposite, terminal and malignant tumor can reduce patient anguish, prolong its life.

Investigator returns discovery, gamma knife the focusing to lump tumour more essence of life sex of accurate, damage is stronger, all round normal tissue damage is opposite smaller also. Besides effect of two kinds of therapy does not have apparent difference. Investigator clew: After radiative cure, because the blood of tumor is offerred, coating the influence that wait, although cell of the tumour inside tumor dies already completely, the absorption of tumor also is a longer process, especially the tumour with tall become divided, large volume.

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